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Membership Subscriptions for the Year 2017 - 2018


As you know the Annual Subscription of € 50.00, for the year 2015 - 2016,  is due on the 01 April 2017.


At the Annual General Meeting held on 26 June 2014 the following changes were made to the Annual Subscription for the year 2015 - 2016.


Existing Ordinary Members

If paying by Cash/Cheque and you pay on or before 30 April there is a  € 10.00 discount and you pay only € 40.00 for the year.

Note that any Cash/Cheque payments made on or after 01 May 2015 must be for the full Annual Subscription amount of € 50.00.


If paying by Direct Debit then you can avail of a further € 5.00 discount and pay only € 35.00 for the year.

Direct Debits will be processed in mid March and applied to bank accounts on 01 April each year, (or shortly after). 


If you have already completed a Direct Debit mandate form then you do not need to do anything unless there is a change in your details.

If you have not yet completed a Direct Debit mandate form and wish to avail of this discounted subscription
then please complete a form and return it by the first week in March, so that it can be processed in time.


Direct Debit mandate forms can be found in the Centre and should be returned to the green post box in the Centre when completed, (lift the lid).


Please remember that, under the rules of the Centre, any member whose subscription in still unpaid after 30 June each year shall
automatically cease to be a member, and may be required to reapply to join the Centre and to pay the € 225.00 Entrance Fee
as well as the
€ 50.00 Annual Subscription.


Country Members

There is no change with regard to Country Members, the Annual Subscription will be € 25.00 whether paid by Cash, Cheque or Direct Debit.

Country Members are those members who are permanently resident outside a radius of thirty miles (48.3 kilometers) of the Dublin GPO.  -


New Members

There is no change with regard to New Members for either the cost of joining the Centre or for the cost of the Annual Subscription.


The cost of joining the Centre is currently € 275.00 for Ordinary Members or € 250.00 for Country Members.

This is made up of an initial 'once-off' payment (Entrance Fee) of € 225.00, and the annual subscription to the Centre of € 50.00 for
Ordinary Members or € 25.00 for Country Members payable on joining the Centre and annually at the beginning of April each year. 


Beginners who take classes in the Centre can avail of a special offer to join the Centre for € 150.00,
made up of a reduced Entrance Fee of € 100.00 and the annual subscription to the Centre of € 50.00.