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The cost of joining the Centre is currently € 275.00 for Ordinary Members or € 250.00 for Country Members.

This is made up of an initial 'once-off' payment (Entrance Fee) of € 225.00, and the annual subscription to the Centre of € 50.00 for Ordinary Members or € 25.00 for Country Members payable on joining the Centre and annually at the beginning of April each year. 

Country Members are those members who are permanently resident outside a radius of thirty miles (48.3 kilometers) of the Dublin GPO.  -

Beginners who take classes in the Centre can avail of a special offer to join the Centre for € 150.00,
made up of a reduced Entrance Fee of € 100.00 and the annual subscription to the Centre of € 50.00.

Membership of the Bridge Centre requires that a player be a member of at least one of the five Bridge clubs in the Centre.

All five clubs welcome new members. 

While the membership subscription for the Centre is due in April each year the membership subscription for the clubs is due in September each year.


Notice(s) that the Annual Subscriptions are due will be displayed in the Centre and on the TCCBC notice board(s) each year in April.

Any member whose subscription in unpaid within 3 months of the due date in any year shall automatically cease to be a member.


For further information on joining the centre please contact:

Anne Woulfe,    Honorary Secretary,      Telephone: 087 161 8988,       E-mail:

or view the new website